Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Head cold, Bizarre Dreams, and the Fish Game

I wish I had something more exciting to blog about today. I have been sick with a cold since Christmas. I am past the really icky part of the cold and just doing the recover part. ha

I ordered some new tools for my lampworking. I have the lentils and I am waiting on the diamond shaping tool. I plan to make fish with it. I keep seeing these cute little fish on etsy and it makes me WANT.......or need to make them too. I want to make myself a mobile with them for my kitchen window. If I make a ton of them I will probably sell the others on Etsy.

I also now have a light box to take better pictures of my jewelry and beads. I can't wait to start snapping photos. It will be a huge project, at least for me that is. ha I have 36 items listed on my jewelry store and 18 on my "beads only" store. But I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out compared to my old method.

I had a bizarre dream last night, but I think its more of a repressed memory. As silly as it sounds, its all about a painting............or a print actually. I think I used to have it years ago......but for some reason I can not focus on the actual memory to make it any clearer. I wish I knew if it was just a silly dream or a real memory, I guess this is a good example of what past pot use can do to a brain. lol I have sent out emails to all my family hoping they can help. So one remembers it. Oh well....... Its really not that important, just a curiosity actually.

While I have been recuperating from this stupid cold I have been playing one of my "Big Fish" games. This one is called "Ravenhurst".........or something like that. Its been pretty entertaining and helps me focus on something other then my sicky icky body.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day and the A and F families

We started the C day right on time, working off my schedule on food preparations .....but at 10 we lost all power. Family arrived and still, no power. I am thinking that I could light the stove top, but not the oven. My mind is busy coming up with alternatives on how to cook the ham. I could fry it up in a pan, eat it cold, or BBQ it. The men of the BBQ idea. ha Gage pulled out his violin and played a few songs for us. More family arrives and the house is alive with noise and activity. I decided not to worry about it, dinner was hours off anyway so we continue with a fun day. We opened presents and everyone loved their gifts. I got a awesome glass wind chime and some lentil shapers that I have been wanting for a long time. I pulled out the yummy snacks and everyone settled down visiting and playing games. The grand kids were having a lot of fun, running through the house chasing each other. I had some of those long balloons so I shaped some into a proton pack so my grandson Gage could pretend he was a ghost buster. Jack is 4 and LOVES his cousin Gage, 9. Right at 3:30, 5 1/2 hours later the power came back on. Kate got busy making the pie, I got the ham ready to go into the oven and Melissa started peeling her sweet potatoes. We ate right on time despite the power outage. It was a fun day over all and I was ready to hit the sack at 9. lol Here are a few pictures from that day too.

Christmas Eve and the K family

We had a great holiday, we separated both family gatherings this year so it was a little easier on the house and me. ha The K family came over on christmas eve day. I made all kinds of snacks and goodies to munch on. They ended up staying longer then I had thought, I felt bad because I didn't have any other foods for them. I don't think it matter much though, the kids had a ball playing with their gifts. Earl and Dad had a great time visiting. Chrissy and I had a good conversation about Etsy. She was excited to hear that I had purchased a few of the gifts from that site. I really enjoyed my visit with Chrissy, we have such different views its sometimes hard to find topics that we both share in common. Here are a few of the many pics I took.

Friday, December 19, 2008

shopping, baking and ash

I am all done with my christmas shopping, actually I was done last month but discovered there are tons of little things I still needed. i suppose that’s pretty typical. So now its time to start baking goodies for the big day. I want to try some lemon bars again this year. They are super easy and tastes great. I just don’t want to make them too far in advance, I would hate to have soggy bars. Any one out there that has any experience with making lemon bars in advance who want to give me a clue, please….let me know….. I could use some advice.

I have been getting pictures from my relatives showing the wonderful snow they have gotten. I have seen pictures from Las Vegas up to Dunnigan, but no snow here. We keep hoping it will come down; it’s certainly cold enough most of the time. But no snow as of today.

Ok, this next part is sort of silly, but I HAVE to share. I am menopausal…………as most of you know. ha I have been having issues with my hair and skin, both have been so dry its unbelievable. My skin is so dry it has that white ashy look to it. My hair is so dry that as soon as I wash and dry it……’s out of control and feels dead. So I started on a hunt for better products to get some life back into this old body. Ha It actually started when I did a home survey on a new product, neutrogena shampoo, triple renewal. I was instructed to use it for two weeks. It’s for hair like mine, lifeless, dry, out of control and brittle. After one use I could see the difference, hell……..I could FEEL the difference. I have been using it now instead of pantene. It’s cheaper and actually makes this old gray hair pretty. I even got a compliment from “the Man”, which has never happened before. Ha So, with that under control I started a search for a better skin product. I can’t do lotions………they make me HOT……and I have enough problems with that. ha I found some shea butter soap on etsy. I have been using it for about three weeks now and I can see a difference. It’s a small one……..but I can tell my skin is getting less ashy. Yeee haaa. Which reminds me…….I need to keep the etsy soap store on my speed dial. Ha

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Craft Fairs are amusing.

I just finished up my last craft fair for the season. I did really well on this last one…….. I sold one key chain for 3 bucks! Yes I am being sarcastic. But despite the poor sales I always have a great time. There are so many very interesting people to meet and to talk to. I even met a few other “etsyians”. There was a lady who made beautiful copper leaf jewelry, and another who makes those cute little scrabble piece pendants.

We had a good chat about etsy and what it can and can not do for us. The summary of the conversation was etsy really doesn’t live up to its claims for sales etc, but it is a wonderful place to have a shop and meet new people. Just being on a website that has been developed for “hand made products” in itself is fun, but being able to talk to other crafters is very entertaining and educational.

So it’s back to the drawing board with my beads and jewelry. I know there is a market for my beads etc, but just finding that right market is the big issue. I will have to really take notice of what people are wearing and not make beads accordingly to what I like. That will be hard, this is my passion and I LOVE make beads in bright happy colors. I also think going “legal” and getting my license etc is the next step too. That will open the door for those huge craft shows where there are thousands of people showing up. So I need to get my butt in gear and start making tons of beads etc. I also need to search out the information for becoming a true business and hunting down those huge craft fairs.

And for the end of this…………one finally note. Meeting new people, having fun, and finding a way to “stretch my abilities” is the best thing in life.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cat Line

I have been making a different sort of necklace lately. I am hoping to tap into another market with my pet necklace/collars. They have been fun to make and taking the pictures has been a real hoot. I am using Wrecks as my super model and he performs accordingly, just like the typical super model. It’s only with a lot attitude, difficulty and constant appraisal that I manage to get enough pictures to post on my shop. It’s amazing how many hits he gets, but still no sales. I am a bit surprised at this since the pet supply industry is one of the biggest sales categories here in the states. But maybe the economy is effecting that, people are spending their hard earned money on more important things like food and rent. So….without further quacking, here are some pictures of my latest work.

After many complaints from the other 4 legged member of this family and "The Man", I am posting a few pics of him too.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beads, Key Chains and more Beads

I have been gearing up for my next craft fair on December 13th. I have been making lots of cute ear rings. This is something I have never made before but I must admit they are easier to make then I thought and a lot of fun. Does anyone need some cute lampwork beaded ear rings? I can do any color too…………almost.

I was planning on making more beads today, but my pyrometer isn't working. I thought maybe it was the battery again, but after putting another new one in it still didn’t work. (Reminds me……dig old/new battery out of trash) “The Man” took it apart and found that one of the solder points has broken off. It might have been like that from the beginning; it has always been touchy and would shut down with the slightest movement of the cord. Thank goodness “The Man” is very handy with things like that… to love “The Man”!

In celebration of my pyrometer working I ordered more glass today. (Like I need an excuse) lol I love to get new glass rods. It always inspires me to get out there and try new combinations of designs for my beads. I have an order for more 5 bead sets, this time in spring colors……….my favorite! The brighter the better as far as I am concerned.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cat Prince of Shannon

I know some of you will groan and moan about this posting, mostly the kids. After all my man and kids and grandkids are my first love. But.....since they are not here and I can do almost anything to this cat, I have to share some pictures with the world. Enjoy............

p.s. If anyone would like to order one of these very special and beautiful necklaces for your kitty.....just e me.

Turkey day and Visits

One holiday down, one more to go. We had a very small gathering for Thanksgiving, actually it was on Wednesday because everyone had prior commitments. We had the usual food, plus a couple of added dishes. One a spinach salad that was very good and a very lemony pie. All of it was very good and of course I ate too much.

The house is quiet.....too quiet, well...... except for the hacking, sniffing and snorting man in the other room. Our grandson Jack went home with his parents. boo hoo I had so much fun with him here. There was always a new and exciting "thing" he discovered and wanted to share it with me. He would always start his words with...."hey Grammy, do you want to see something". I would follow his voice and go to where he is standing over that "something". It could be anything from a dust bunny that is skipping across the floor to a spider with 7 legs. Its amazing his intense fascination in the simple things, but....I guess that's what its like to be 4.

Later in the day Earl and his daughter Maisy came over for a little visit. Maisy is always very cheerful and ready to play the driving game with her Grammy. We both sit on the couch and she holds the mickey mouse steering wheel toy, trying to drive very fast and I do believe hit everything possible. lol She will say, "oops....I hit that, on no.......I just raned over him". They she looks at me with a huge smile on her face. She is so sweet.

We are going out to lunch today. Its this little hole in the wall place that has the BEST Japanese food in town. They treat us like special guests and the food is always very fresh and very tasty. Hopefully when we get back and I get in some torch time.

Monday, November 24, 2008

grandson and lots of fun, but no beading for grammy

My grandson Jack, age 4, is here for a few days. The house is so loud and constantly bouncing with his activity. Roger, our beagle, is always so happy to see Jack, at least for the first 30 minutes. Roger is now hiding under my computer desk as Jack makes laps around the house hunting for him. He stops on each lap around......asking......"have you seen Roger". Knowing the poor dog is trembling just inches away......trying not to move or breath too loud........I feel sorry for him and tell Jack "no.....maybe he is in the other room". Off Jack goes in a blur of speed, running at top speed to catch the dog who is obviously running ahead of him, just around the corner and out of sight. I scratch my head....."making a note to myself, no cereal with sugar flakes on it, next time".

My time will be spent making necklaces and ear rings instead of behind the torch. oh well, I need to gear up for the craft fair in December anyway. I am attempting to make ear rings, those tiny little things that my big man fingers hate. I have my dads wonderful hands. They are very useful for gripping a volleyball, one handed, I always have a good grip on a shovel, Or even arm wrestling. But to use them for tiny, very delicate work, its a challenge. I must say though, I have managed to make 20 pairs of ear rings. And even though they are not exactly my style, they are cute. HA...success.

oh oh.......Roger is under the desk again, did I just hear a whimper? From the other room I hear little foot steps coming this way, fast and determined foot steps. Got to go...........

Friday, November 21, 2008

pass word hell

I like to take pride in myself for being able to navigate the internet with ease and knowledge. There are days when that attitude is just a random wishful thought. Take today for intense……….. I tried to check to see if my check has been cashed for the up and coming craft fair on Dec. 13. It has been over two months since I signed into my online account, so I had difficulty remembering the pass word and screen name. My bank is a small town local branch that only gives a person 3 chances to sign in, after that you are then locked out until the bank opens. My first try was just quick, without thinking, without really trying to type or spell correctly, in my defense……it was 6 am and I hadn’t had my entire cup of coffee yet. On my second attempt I promised myself to take my time and do it right………..(with the dreaded lock out looming in the back of my mind)…….I slowly typed in my screen name, my password and then hit next. I really didn’t expect any road blocks; I had taken my time this second time and made sure to type slow and correctly. Ha Was I wrong, I was taken to another window that asked “what is my favorite sports team”. WTF? I was thrown, I hate watching sports, I do not have a favorite sports team, and I would never ever put one down as my “secret challenge question”. At this point, I check to make sure I am on the right bank account to sign in…………because surely my bank would know this is a question I would never answer. Nope………right bank, right window, but wrong question. I try to reverse the direction it was painfully coming to……….but no…………. my third and final attempt failed badly.

Now I sit………fingers twitching, too much coffee, to many unanswered questions, locked out of my account and still………no closer then I was when I first got up this morning.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

etsy promotion

For the few who do not know, I have two etsy shops online. I sell my beads and jewelry. So......feel free to buy anything and everything. Sales are a good thing.
Ok, so I am new to this, so try not to be too critical. The weather is finally turning towards winter. Its seems like its been a long summer and I am looking forward to the cold, I am not sure my joints are though.

I went into my sisters yesterday. She took me to a very special place to have "tea". I have never seen anything like this before. It was right out of a english novel, tea, triangle sandwiches, scones, lots of great conversation and pretty doilies. I felt very honored to have been included in this very special place. After our lunch we went to this incredible rock/gem store. I felt like I was home, the owners are so nice. They made me feel like I have known them for years. They were excited to see some of my beads and we talked about rock and gem hunting. I look forward to going back to see them. They have a rock and gem fair coming up..........I must mark my calendar and try to get into see them.

I am almost done with my holiday shopping, other then foods that is. I think we are keeping it very simple and quiet this year. We don't have any real plans for the 25th, but I am sure our kids will let us know what our plans are. lol I look forward to seeing all of them

I guess its time to go make some beads.......................