Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve and the K family

We had a great holiday, we separated both family gatherings this year so it was a little easier on the house and me. ha The K family came over on christmas eve day. I made all kinds of snacks and goodies to munch on. They ended up staying longer then I had thought, I felt bad because I didn't have any other foods for them. I don't think it matter much though, the kids had a ball playing with their gifts. Earl and Dad had a great time visiting. Chrissy and I had a good conversation about Etsy. She was excited to hear that I had purchased a few of the gifts from that site. I really enjoyed my visit with Chrissy, we have such different views its sometimes hard to find topics that we both share in common. Here are a few of the many pics I took.

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JessicaMarie said...

Hi Peggy! Thanks for stopping by the blog! I've meant to get in contact with you ever since I started working on Etsy stuff!

P.S. I love the fish beads!!