Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Romance and Love ……..eternal

Yesterday was our anniversary. We have been married for 8 years but have been together for almost 11. I guess you can say we have a very odd relationship in the sense we never fight, or yell at each other or argue. Its not that we don’t occasionally piss each other off, we do that for sure. It’s just that we get along so well; there has never been a time that we felt we had to resort to fighting.

I am sure most of you have heard the word “soul mate”. It’s an over used term and I never gave it much thought. It was always a ridiculous idea to me. But……. this is how I would describe our marriage, we are “soul mates”, destined to be together through out our life. I know I know……. this posting is so oooooooy goooy silly. Oh well……….bit the bullet and read on.

“The Man’ had asked me two weeks ago what I wanted for our anniversary. I told him nothing, but then I thought of a fun little game. I said………lets write a love letter to each other. We can read it to each other during our anniversary dinner. He gave me that “LOOK”………which meant I was insane……..but yet there was something in his eyes that said he liked the idea. I started my letter right away, struggling to put my feelings into words. I found that it’s very hard to express such strong emotions in text. I would stop and start, erase and start again. I knew what I felt, but the words just were not right. It took me five days to finally come up with something I was proud of.

Last night we went out to our anniversary dinner. I asked “the Man” on our drive over to the restaurant if he had his letter, he pretended not to……but then smiled at me. I almost thought I saw a tear in his eye. Hmmm…….maybe not....hmmm maybe so. At the restaurant we sat down, got comfortable and ordered our meals. Before I could even ask “when” did we want to read our letters…………”the Man” brought his out. He started first………with tears in his eyes, he read out loud the words............the words that overwhelmed me, made my eyes tear up, made me smile and sob at the same time. I was blown away and SO PROUD OF HIM, and SO IN LOVE WITH HIM.......…………it was an amazing moment that I will cherish for ever.

I will always look back on this night and know, even though “the Man” doesn’t always say the words, I know in his heart he feels them and so do I.

Monday, February 23, 2009

All wet and freedom rings

I started my water aerobics class today at the local Gold’s gym. They have a fantastic indoor pool and it’s actually heated to the perfect temp…..at least for me. I have to admit it……….. I was a little intimidated at first, mostly from walking into the place and past all those beautiful people……NOT ha Once I got to the pool area and saw that the people in the pool were just like me......I relaxed. The water felt so good and very inviting. Once the exercise started I was a bit surprised to feel how much my knees hated the activity. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have any pain since I was weightless........but I guess not. (I hope in a year or two I can get those bad boys replaced).

But……..back to the pool………….. I never noticed how much my bathing suit likes to scoop up the water while I jog in place. I used to work out at the other pool with nothing but women, so it never was an issue, but at this new gym………..well………. I was jogging to the music, which was the perfect beat to get my heart rate up and work my ass off. Up and down, up and down I go in the water; I could feel the water swooshing in the front…….but forgot about that because I was having so much fun. I didn’t notice how much swoosh was going on until one of the older dudes was staring at me…….......well………..not me………but my girls!!! They were bobbing up and down like buoys in the ocean. I looked down myself and realized the “girls” were very close to escaping the bathing suit……..eeeeek…….. I quickly turned around and pulled up as best as I could to get the girls seated back where they belong. Despite the quick fix, I noticed that the same old man took every opportunity to check to see if my boobs were bobbing for freedom.

So tonight I will see if I can shorten the leashes on the girls and tighten everyone up. Wish me luck……………………..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boring days,

I haven't posted in a while since there really isn't anything to talk about. ha The title of my blog really "DOES" say it all. ha

I had a great time this past weekend. I went into my sister’s house to celebrate her birthday. We had a sister’s slumber party. It was a blast, from the reading at the physic, to the fun we had on the Ouija board. It seemed like the weekend just blew by so fast. I guess that’s the sign of having fun.

I had another doctor’s appointment today, nothing special ........just jumping through the many hoops for my up and coming surgery. There are days it seems like it will never happen. But I have to keep a positive thought and just take one day at a time. I try to keep busy and…….. I have a lot to keep me busy with.

Melissa now has her own Etsy shop. I can not believe the beads she makes. It’s amazing to me that I showed her how to make beads and now she is making some of the most incredible beads I have ever seen. The hard part is convincing her to sell them for the amount of money I know that they are worth. Ha She makes beads better then I do. Here is a link to her shop if anyone is interested.


That goes the same with Kate. I gave her a few pointers with water colors. Her first picture was breath taking. I guess I should have known…. she used to paint when she was little and even then her pictures were most definitely “art”. Her latest picture was gold fish in a pond. She painted the picture like she was looking through a dream, the fish in was the main focal with all the extras in the haze. I loved it, I think she gave it to her friend.

I have two very talented daughters. They both have taken what I taught them and excelled beyond my own abilities. LOL I LOVE THAT!! Isn’t that how life should be, you teach your kids, you hope they do better then yourself…………and when they do…………it’s so rewarding. Life is good…………

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Heat is ON!

I had to show you fish before I tell the tail. ehhehe

I finally fired up my kiln. The electrician came, he installed a new outlet with more power capacity and we set up the hot box on Friday. It was so exciting to finally get to do some fusing and at the same time…………very frustrating. The instruction manual that came with the kiln must have been written by the people who built the kiln or their engineers. Or……..this is what I think……...it was written in another language and then translated into English with a lot of the info left out. It was supposed to be very simple to program the computer, but it took “The Man” and me about 20 minute to figure out where to start. I basically started pushing buttons until it said “fuse”. Lol The ramp up was incredibly slow……..it took over 4 hours just to get it up to 1200 degree and another hour to get it to fusing temp. I have read many different information sites online about fusing so I pretty much knew what needed to be done. All the info I read said after soaking your glass for 10 minutes you vent off the heat. But the manual ……………of course…………..never addressed that issue. I waited for the kilns computer to cool down the kiln, it did, but it was only 27 degrees per minute. So I popped the top and vented it myself. What a thrill that was……….the heat pouring out of it felt like a blast furnace, everything was glowing red hot and all the colors of the glass was red, black and more red. Ha I continued to vent for another 15 minutes until the interior temp was down to 960. That was over 4 hours ago………and its still cooling down…………. slowly. I will probably just wait until tomorrow to see how everything turned out. Long story short………….I LOVE TO FUSE. LOL I told “The Man” that all gift ideas will now be related to fusing. Lol From glass to molds……….I want it all. heheheh