Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Head cold, Bizarre Dreams, and the Fish Game

I wish I had something more exciting to blog about today. I have been sick with a cold since Christmas. I am past the really icky part of the cold and just doing the recover part. ha

I ordered some new tools for my lampworking. I have the lentils and I am waiting on the diamond shaping tool. I plan to make fish with it. I keep seeing these cute little fish on etsy and it makes me WANT.......or need to make them too. I want to make myself a mobile with them for my kitchen window. If I make a ton of them I will probably sell the others on Etsy.

I also now have a light box to take better pictures of my jewelry and beads. I can't wait to start snapping photos. It will be a huge project, at least for me that is. ha I have 36 items listed on my jewelry store and 18 on my "beads only" store. But I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out compared to my old method.

I had a bizarre dream last night, but I think its more of a repressed memory. As silly as it sounds, its all about a painting............or a print actually. I think I used to have it years ago......but for some reason I can not focus on the actual memory to make it any clearer. I wish I knew if it was just a silly dream or a real memory, I guess this is a good example of what past pot use can do to a brain. lol I have sent out emails to all my family hoping they can help. So one remembers it. Oh well....... Its really not that important, just a curiosity actually.

While I have been recuperating from this stupid cold I have been playing one of my "Big Fish" games. This one is called "Ravenhurst".........or something like that. Its been pretty entertaining and helps me focus on something other then my sicky icky body.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're better soon, even though you are not missing anything outside fun since the weather has been cold, dank, and wet. Love reading about your boring life....LOL. Have you found the picture of your dreams?? Maybe the spirits have it. ---- Peace Out, May the Sprits Be With You!

peggyk said...

I am alive and well after about 10 days. ha

I did find the picture from my dream. My ex has it some where in the garage .........buried! I have asked my daughter to dig it out, because he said I could have it. It might be moldy and full of mouse poop knowing that garage and house! ick If it is I plan to paint it, I will ask Kate to help me. She is a incredible artist and knows how to balance color and design really well.