Sunday, December 14, 2008

Craft Fairs are amusing.

I just finished up my last craft fair for the season. I did really well on this last one…….. I sold one key chain for 3 bucks! Yes I am being sarcastic. But despite the poor sales I always have a great time. There are so many very interesting people to meet and to talk to. I even met a few other “etsyians”. There was a lady who made beautiful copper leaf jewelry, and another who makes those cute little scrabble piece pendants.

We had a good chat about etsy and what it can and can not do for us. The summary of the conversation was etsy really doesn’t live up to its claims for sales etc, but it is a wonderful place to have a shop and meet new people. Just being on a website that has been developed for “hand made products” in itself is fun, but being able to talk to other crafters is very entertaining and educational.

So it’s back to the drawing board with my beads and jewelry. I know there is a market for my beads etc, but just finding that right market is the big issue. I will have to really take notice of what people are wearing and not make beads accordingly to what I like. That will be hard, this is my passion and I LOVE make beads in bright happy colors. I also think going “legal” and getting my license etc is the next step too. That will open the door for those huge craft shows where there are thousands of people showing up. So I need to get my butt in gear and start making tons of beads etc. I also need to search out the information for becoming a true business and hunting down those huge craft fairs.

And for the end of this…………one finally note. Meeting new people, having fun, and finding a way to “stretch my abilities” is the best thing in life.

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