Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beads, Key Chains and more Beads

I have been gearing up for my next craft fair on December 13th. I have been making lots of cute ear rings. This is something I have never made before but I must admit they are easier to make then I thought and a lot of fun. Does anyone need some cute lampwork beaded ear rings? I can do any color too…………almost.

I was planning on making more beads today, but my pyrometer isn't working. I thought maybe it was the battery again, but after putting another new one in it still didn’t work. (Reminds me……dig old/new battery out of trash) “The Man” took it apart and found that one of the solder points has broken off. It might have been like that from the beginning; it has always been touchy and would shut down with the slightest movement of the cord. Thank goodness “The Man” is very handy with things like that… to love “The Man”!

In celebration of my pyrometer working I ordered more glass today. (Like I need an excuse) lol I love to get new glass rods. It always inspires me to get out there and try new combinations of designs for my beads. I have an order for more 5 bead sets, this time in spring colors……….my favorite! The brighter the better as far as I am concerned.

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