Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cat Line

I have been making a different sort of necklace lately. I am hoping to tap into another market with my pet necklace/collars. They have been fun to make and taking the pictures has been a real hoot. I am using Wrecks as my super model and he performs accordingly, just like the typical super model. It’s only with a lot attitude, difficulty and constant appraisal that I manage to get enough pictures to post on my shop. It’s amazing how many hits he gets, but still no sales. I am a bit surprised at this since the pet supply industry is one of the biggest sales categories here in the states. But maybe the economy is effecting that, people are spending their hard earned money on more important things like food and rent. So….without further quacking, here are some pictures of my latest work.

After many complaints from the other 4 legged member of this family and "The Man", I am posting a few pics of him too.

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