Monday, November 24, 2008

grandson and lots of fun, but no beading for grammy

My grandson Jack, age 4, is here for a few days. The house is so loud and constantly bouncing with his activity. Roger, our beagle, is always so happy to see Jack, at least for the first 30 minutes. Roger is now hiding under my computer desk as Jack makes laps around the house hunting for him. He stops on each lap around......asking......"have you seen Roger". Knowing the poor dog is trembling just inches away......trying not to move or breath too loud........I feel sorry for him and tell Jack "no.....maybe he is in the other room". Off Jack goes in a blur of speed, running at top speed to catch the dog who is obviously running ahead of him, just around the corner and out of sight. I scratch my head....."making a note to myself, no cereal with sugar flakes on it, next time".

My time will be spent making necklaces and ear rings instead of behind the torch. oh well, I need to gear up for the craft fair in December anyway. I am attempting to make ear rings, those tiny little things that my big man fingers hate. I have my dads wonderful hands. They are very useful for gripping a volleyball, one handed, I always have a good grip on a shovel, Or even arm wrestling. But to use them for tiny, very delicate work, its a challenge. I must say though, I have managed to make 20 pairs of ear rings. And even though they are not exactly my style, they are cute. HA...success.

oh oh.......Roger is under the desk again, did I just hear a whimper? From the other room I hear little foot steps coming this way, fast and determined foot steps. Got to go...........

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