Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ok, so I am new to this, so try not to be too critical. The weather is finally turning towards winter. Its seems like its been a long summer and I am looking forward to the cold, I am not sure my joints are though.

I went into my sisters yesterday. She took me to a very special place to have "tea". I have never seen anything like this before. It was right out of a english novel, tea, triangle sandwiches, scones, lots of great conversation and pretty doilies. I felt very honored to have been included in this very special place. After our lunch we went to this incredible rock/gem store. I felt like I was home, the owners are so nice. They made me feel like I have known them for years. They were excited to see some of my beads and we talked about rock and gem hunting. I look forward to going back to see them. They have a rock and gem fair coming up..........I must mark my calendar and try to get into see them.

I am almost done with my holiday shopping, other then foods that is. I think we are keeping it very simple and quiet this year. We don't have any real plans for the 25th, but I am sure our kids will let us know what our plans are. lol I look forward to seeing all of them

I guess its time to go make some beads.......................

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