Friday, November 21, 2008

pass word hell

I like to take pride in myself for being able to navigate the internet with ease and knowledge. There are days when that attitude is just a random wishful thought. Take today for intense……….. I tried to check to see if my check has been cashed for the up and coming craft fair on Dec. 13. It has been over two months since I signed into my online account, so I had difficulty remembering the pass word and screen name. My bank is a small town local branch that only gives a person 3 chances to sign in, after that you are then locked out until the bank opens. My first try was just quick, without thinking, without really trying to type or spell correctly, in my defense……it was 6 am and I hadn’t had my entire cup of coffee yet. On my second attempt I promised myself to take my time and do it right………..(with the dreaded lock out looming in the back of my mind)…….I slowly typed in my screen name, my password and then hit next. I really didn’t expect any road blocks; I had taken my time this second time and made sure to type slow and correctly. Ha Was I wrong, I was taken to another window that asked “what is my favorite sports team”. WTF? I was thrown, I hate watching sports, I do not have a favorite sports team, and I would never ever put one down as my “secret challenge question”. At this point, I check to make sure I am on the right bank account to sign in…………because surely my bank would know this is a question I would never answer. Nope………right bank, right window, but wrong question. I try to reverse the direction it was painfully coming to……….but no…………. my third and final attempt failed badly.

Now I sit………fingers twitching, too much coffee, to many unanswered questions, locked out of my account and still………no closer then I was when I first got up this morning.

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