Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey day and Visits

One holiday down, one more to go. We had a very small gathering for Thanksgiving, actually it was on Wednesday because everyone had prior commitments. We had the usual food, plus a couple of added dishes. One a spinach salad that was very good and a very lemony pie. All of it was very good and of course I ate too much.

The house is quiet.....too quiet, well...... except for the hacking, sniffing and snorting man in the other room. Our grandson Jack went home with his parents. boo hoo I had so much fun with him here. There was always a new and exciting "thing" he discovered and wanted to share it with me. He would always start his words with...."hey Grammy, do you want to see something". I would follow his voice and go to where he is standing over that "something". It could be anything from a dust bunny that is skipping across the floor to a spider with 7 legs. Its amazing his intense fascination in the simple things, but....I guess that's what its like to be 4.

Later in the day Earl and his daughter Maisy came over for a little visit. Maisy is always very cheerful and ready to play the driving game with her Grammy. We both sit on the couch and she holds the mickey mouse steering wheel toy, trying to drive very fast and I do believe hit everything possible. lol She will say, "oops....I hit that, on no.......I just raned over him". They she looks at me with a huge smile on her face. She is so sweet.

We are going out to lunch today. Its this little hole in the wall place that has the BEST Japanese food in town. They treat us like special guests and the food is always very fresh and very tasty. Hopefully when we get back and I get in some torch time.

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