Friday, December 19, 2008

shopping, baking and ash

I am all done with my christmas shopping, actually I was done last month but discovered there are tons of little things I still needed. i suppose that’s pretty typical. So now its time to start baking goodies for the big day. I want to try some lemon bars again this year. They are super easy and tastes great. I just don’t want to make them too far in advance, I would hate to have soggy bars. Any one out there that has any experience with making lemon bars in advance who want to give me a clue, please….let me know….. I could use some advice.

I have been getting pictures from my relatives showing the wonderful snow they have gotten. I have seen pictures from Las Vegas up to Dunnigan, but no snow here. We keep hoping it will come down; it’s certainly cold enough most of the time. But no snow as of today.

Ok, this next part is sort of silly, but I HAVE to share. I am menopausal…………as most of you know. ha I have been having issues with my hair and skin, both have been so dry its unbelievable. My skin is so dry it has that white ashy look to it. My hair is so dry that as soon as I wash and dry it……’s out of control and feels dead. So I started on a hunt for better products to get some life back into this old body. Ha It actually started when I did a home survey on a new product, neutrogena shampoo, triple renewal. I was instructed to use it for two weeks. It’s for hair like mine, lifeless, dry, out of control and brittle. After one use I could see the difference, hell……..I could FEEL the difference. I have been using it now instead of pantene. It’s cheaper and actually makes this old gray hair pretty. I even got a compliment from “the Man”, which has never happened before. Ha So, with that under control I started a search for a better skin product. I can’t do lotions………they make me HOT……and I have enough problems with that. ha I found some shea butter soap on etsy. I have been using it for about three weeks now and I can see a difference. It’s a small one……..but I can tell my skin is getting less ashy. Yeee haaa. Which reminds me…….I need to keep the etsy soap store on my speed dial. Ha

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