Monday, January 12, 2009

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

I took that title from one of my sisters emails. She is always very good at labeling the emails and adding a lot of interest to the topic.

I am making lampwork fish. I never thought I would be caught by a bug to make these fish, but I have it big time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE making these little guys. They are about the size of those little orange slice gold fish you get at country fairs, but with shorter fins. I have a special shaped glass press that gives me a jump ahead on the body and from there it's just a fin, side flippers, eyes and a pouty mouth. I LOVE Them...........but maybe I said that already. I am making myself a mobile type wind chime. I already have orders for two more when I get mine done. I need to find some drift wood to finish the piece. I think that will add the perfect finishing touch to the mobile. I am hoping Michael's has some. Although, I am sure I can find a ton by any river or creek. Here are a few pictures of my little "guys".

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