Tuesday, January 20, 2009

School of Thought FISH

Ok, I am a nut............I can not stop making these silly little fish. I must admit, I am getting tons better. I am actual proud of what comes out of the kiln now. ha I will add a picture of my last three fish just to show off. LOL

Speaking of kilns...........I HAVE A NEW ONE! I am so excited. Its just for fusing. I have wanted to do fusing for years and years but never had the courage to give it a try. I am not sure why, when I make beads the glass is melting in the range of 1800 degrees, so why is fusing so intimidating........go figure. ha The new kiln came yesterday and is sitting in the garage in it's box until "The Man" comes home. I need help lifting out that heavy sucker so it can be set up. I do need to call a electrician to come out and add a new electrical line just for the kiln. It might be over kill, but......I do not want any issues in the future while fusing and ramping up the kiln.

I will take pictures as we set it up, and yes I know.........its silly !! ha

"The Man" helped me clean up the garage for the new kiln. Ok, he did ALL the heavy stuff, I sat and sorted out the junk. (I love "The Man" and all that he does for me.) I will actually have a "glass section" in the garage now, no longer the small little area on the side. Its amazing how much junk we accumulated over the years since we moved in. After going through the two huge standing shelves, sorting out the junk, sorting out the stuff for freecycle, we have almost one shelf empty. We had to hunt around the garage to find things to put on it. ha

Has anyone ever used the "freecycle" before. It is a wonderful website where you can get rid of usable items you no longer want or need. You just post that you have XYZ and then you wait for the emails to come in. I have given away tons of things through this website and in the past it has worked out really well. Lately it has been a pain in my ass. So many times now people say they will pick up the item and then never show up. URGHHH I don't know..........maybe its some of the younger generation with their "entitlement" attitude. Maybe I am just impatient for my "give aways" to be gone. But......I still think if you say you are are going to show up at a specific time.......they do it.

Actually, now that I think about it........I think I can blame my impatience on my ex, its his fault.!! LOL ( don't you just love it when you can blame everything on your ex, LOL) Ok........moving on with that goofy thought. He used to be.........actually, he still is.............ALWAYS LATE. No matter what the occasion, he was late. I used to tell him he would be late to his funeral. ha

Ok, I guess thats enough excitment and ranting for one day. ha Check out my fishy obsession. thanks for reading............


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