Friday, January 23, 2009

getting charged up

I just had the electrician guy here to give me an estimate on putting in a new electrical outlet for my kiln. Thank goodness it’s not as expensive as I thought. They will come out Tuesday or Wednesday to put in the new line.
I am excited; I will be able to fuse to my hearts content by the end of next week. Everything is falling into place so easily this time. I usual have fight with someone when I make changes like this. Either "The Man" disagrees with my ideas, or the cost is too ridiculous, or the placement of my new shop just doesn't work with the arrangement in the garage or......etc. I have tried to set a new arrangement in motion before and hit one obstacle after another. So it’s really nice to sail right through this without a hitch. ha
I have a local bead store that is buying my beads now. Its really rewarding to know that there are people out there that love my beads as much as I do. Ha I have an appointment with the owner today to take in my second order of 20 sets. This time she wanted spring colors, MY FAVORITE! I love the bright happy colors that you see each spring and in these beads.

Here are a few pics of my new toy and where it will go.

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MelissaF said...

Dang, that thing is huge! Have you moved that big table out there yet? So cool to have your own corner of the garage. I'm jealous! Let me know how the bead store goes today.