Monday, April 20, 2009

I whelped a litter of puppies!

I have been so stuck in one design for my cats and dogs. I have no clue why………. But I think I wanted the easy way out. ha The lentil press I used makes the first basic shaping of the bead very easy. Maybe too easy. NOT!

So yesterday I decided to think outside of the box. (I hate that cliché) I have to admit…….. I did do some research online, looking at other peoples dogs and cats. It’s truly amazing the different shapes and styles out there and they all really do look like cats and dogs.

I made 5 dogs total. I found the perfect core bead to start my shape and stuck with that. From there it was pretty simple, actually…………much easier then using the lentil shape. I think they turned out pretty good.

I do have a small problem with their eyes. They look like they are the proverbial “dog in the head lights”. I have gotten a few suggestions on how to fix that. I also have a problem with the dog’s mouth. Most people don’t see the problem……….and maybe I am just being too much of a perfectionist. Lol But I will try to correct that today.

Which reminds me…………it’s already 72 degrees outside at 8:00 am……… I need to get this old body in gear and get to making beads before it gets too hot.

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Lauren said...

Peggy I love those! The last one is my fave! I know what you mean about making them all the same at first. I only made wiener dogs for a long time. It's fun to change things up!