Monday, April 27, 2009

Flowers, Colors and a Dream

“The Man” and I went to a local iris farm here in Vacaville. They had probably 5 acres of iris blooming. It was an incredible site. So many colors and shapes, it was an iris lovers dream. Ha We didn’t stay too long, but just long enough to make out my list of favorites. I have always wanted a big iris garden and after I get my order this summer that dream will come true.

I have a few varieties now, a couple of yellows, way too many purples, and a couple of oranges. For some reason the one pink I planted turned out to be purple…….must have been a mix up in packaging. Iris is one of the easiest flowering plants to grow. They don’t need a lot of watering and they don’t require constant fertilizing like other flowers.

Here are some pictures of our day and the flowers of course.

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