Monday, March 23, 2009

illness, reflection and life

This past week my Dad has been in the hospital again. He has this strange genetic problem with his heart. Out of the blue it will speed up for no reason and just race along at a marathoners’ pace……but……without the marathon. It is pretty scary and potential dangerous. After dealing with it for years, he is going into the hospital this Wednesday to get it fixed. They snake a wire up to his heart via the leg vein and zap the cells that cause the problem. They say it’s a simple procedure……….but I still worry. He is 81 after all and I am not ready to loose my Dad over a “simple procedure”.

How did this happen, how did my Dad get to be 81……. so quickly. Is time really moving that fast? It just seems so strange to me to have both my parents at that point in “life”. I can’t say the words…………..can’t even type the words. Just the thought freezes me in place, not typing, not thinking of something to type……….but just thinking of my parents and reviewing my own life.

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